You've Been Spotted!

If you’ve been at camp before, as a camper or guest, chances are you’ve purchased a t-shirt, sweatshirt, cap, or something with the RMMC logo on it. Many times people send us photo Christmas cards with at least one member of the family in an RMMC shirt. This got us thinking, “I wonder where all our shirts have traveled to?” 
In each edition of our monthly newsletter (published by Mountain States Mennonite Conference and found on our website), we would like to feature you in your RMMC shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or whatever else it is that has the RMMC logo. So if you are planning a trip and have an RMMC shirt packed, make sure to take a picture when you’re wearing it and send it to us! Or if you’re at home and doing something special, pass that along to us as well. We hope this will be a fun way where our shirts have gone. Have a photo you would like to send us? Email it to Jenelle at
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